At our Belton, TX based assisted living home, we welcome the day just after sunrise with a hot cup of coffee and breakfast. Activities then begin, allowing all seniors their choice of group or individual activities. We take time to pause for snacks and drinks mid-morning, then back to activities until lunch begins at 12:00. After lunch, our residents relax with some soothing music and quiet time in order to rest up for the afternoon’s activities. Following our afternoon snack and drinks, our health care and other recreational activities continue until dinner begins around 5:00.

Our day winds down with more relaxing music and activities complimented by an evening snack for seniors who wish to indulge. The evenings at our assisted living home include book readings, a movie, or hand and foot massage to help wind down from our day.

Wellness Care:

The wellness of all the residents at our Belton assisted living home is our top priority and this is ensured by our care, companionship, empathy and understanding. We maintain a higher than required staffing ratio during waking hours in order to guarantee our residents’ needs are met to the best of our abilities. The staff at our assisted living home makes every attempt to gear activities and care plans toward the personal likes and dislikes, abilities and understanding of our residents. We offer this high level of care by providing our staff with the training and resources it takes to make the utmost comfort achievable.

Community Family Special Events

Our foundation of care is based on the importance of family and socialization with seniors who are experiencing similar situations. We don’t just care for our residents; we care for their families through monthly education programs and support groups. We hold special community events throughout the year centered around family and friends. We extend an open-invitation to family and friends to visit their loved ones at our assisted living home at any time to participate in our activities or share a meal. We also always invite family, friends, and the community of Waco, Belton and Temple into our home throughout the year to help us celebrate the holidays with our residents.

To know more about the lifestyle and wellness programs offered at our assisted living facility in Belton, call at (254) 613 – 4119.